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MASPAL is an organization whose goal is to protect children from sexual predators. We are maintaining a website with information and support for victims and their families. We are actively involved in accessing new information and gathering statistics in order to educate the public. We are an organization dedicated to identifying problem areas in need of change in order to protect our children.

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    Here at MASPAL we offer knowledge and information on sexual predators and what they are doing. Peruse our website and others to get an idea of the true extent of the nightmare around us every day.
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    Help spread the facts about sexual predators. They're not going to go away, and ignoring them is only going to make the problem worse. Join us in advocating for better treatment and supervision for sexual predators and start the healing process.

MASPAL In the News

  • Transient Sex Offenders Raise Concerns For Prosecutors and Parents

    By Emily Adamson
    September 15, 2011
    MISSOULA, Mont. --

    In Missoula a judge set bail at $10,000 for a man accused of not registering as a sex offender. Christopher Jacobs was convicted of sexual assault. Prosecutors say he's a flight risk, he's a transient and doesn't have a permanent address.

    Montana state law says transient sex offenders still have to register with law enforcement and have to check in monthly to update their location.

    But members of the Mothers Against Sexual Predators At Large (MASPAL) are concerned with the procedure.

    "They create lots and lots of havoc with children's lives, the young women's lives and young men's lives. It isn't just that we don't know where they are. It's that they're also flaunting the law and failing to obey that too. So that says to me they're not really interested in perhaps changing their behaviors," said MASPAL's Linda Eagleheart-Thomas.

    According to the state's sexual and violent offender registry website, over 48 offenders in Missoula are without a permanent address. Over 150 offenders are not in compliance with the law that means their address update is overdue.

    More to come - - keep checking back!