MASPAL believes there is a connection between the rising numbers of missing children and the rising numbers of known sex offenders. This realization has prompted us to create an organization dedicated to education and legislation for the public in regards to these issues.

Our long term goals are to help change legislative issues concerning the indiscriminate reintegration of sex offenders into society. We feel a strong need to help create pre-release centers in every state to deal with the special concerns of sex offenders, and place more supervision on those individuals, after their time has been served.

There is also a great need for education and support for victims and their families. MASPAL intends to provide resources for those people, concentrating all the while on prevention.

"We will not go quietly into the night!" It is time to educate the public and talk about the issues involved here. There has been a conspiracy of silence surrounding sex offenses committed involving young children. Silence, ignorance and apathy are the child predators greatest allies. Sex offenders need special supervision and re-habilitation facilities geared to meet their special needs. Families need to feel safe in their neighborhoods.

Most children who are sexually offended do not grow up to offend, but some do. There is some evidence that this is a learned behavior. Enough to suggest that, without good sex offender programs, and some sort of control in regards to these felons, this situation will remain a continuing and self perpetuating problem. Also enough evidence to suggest that there is a great need to provide adequate psychological support and help for the victims of these crimes.

Senator Norman Stone of Maryland is also one of the pioneers in this area. He, however, speaks of permanent confinement to "mental institutions" for the violent sex offenders, rather than a facility, created specifically for this problem. His current reform bill does not address the enormous numbers of other sex offenders released to offend again.

Together, perhaps we can all help to stop this insidious disease that is infecting our nation!

For the love of children, we remain

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Bonner, Montana 59823

  • Board of Directors

    Jan Ogle - President

    Theresa Ogle - Vice President

    Ron Rea - Chairman of the Board

    Krista Hill - Treasurer

    Kelli Pattison - Secretary

    Dr. Roger Mitchell

    Dr. Linda EagleHeart

    Lisa Rea

    Lynn Startin

  • Advisory Board

    Dr. Michael Scolatti

    Josie Beaudoin

    Melinda Blake

  • Directors of Operations

    Jan Ogle - CEO

    Ron Rea - Director of Public Relations

    Theresa Ogle - Director of Communication and Media relations

    Krista Hill - Director of Human Resources

    Lisa Rea - Director of Statistical and Legal Research

    Kelli Pattison - Director of Public Awareness Coordinators

  • Public Awareness Coordinators

    California - Melinda Blake
    Colorado - Dawn Sharp
    Hawaii - Lisa Rea
    Montana - Kelli Pattison
    Montana - Josie Beaudoin
    Nebraska - Jim Nelson
    Washington - Margaret Norman
    Louisiana - Dr. Roger Mitchell
    Idaho - Lori Wikum
    Oregon - Kitty Head
    California - Maryann Rivera

    In Loving Memory of former coordinators:
    JO PATE - Georgia
    PATTI ERICKSON - Montana
    KIM NELSON - Wyoming

A special thanks to our founders: Jan and Theresa Ogle, Lisa Rea, Nanette Lockwood, Debbie Shellen, Norman McCleod and Patti Erickson