Start a New Chapter

Volunteer! Advocate! Start Neighborhood Groups!
Teach people to use the Find Predators section of the Maspal Site!
Advocates are needed for all states for education on these issues!
Be sure to log onto our MASPAL Store for public awareness ideas!

How to begin a new MASPAL chapter in your area:

  • Download this brochure: MASPAL

  • Download this powerpoint: Slide Show

  • Refer to and follow these Maspal Rules (below)

  • Contact us so we know we have a new chapter and can direct local people your way.

Whenever you are addressing the public in any way, please remember these rules to keep us safe and legal:

1.Maspal is NOT against PEOPLE. Maspal is against PAROLING people in need of help. (As we take care of the needs of the sex offenders, by incarceration and psychological help, so will we protect the children)

2. Maspal does NOT appeal to people's outrage (Maspal is NOT a "witch hunt". We are an educational organization that is trying to educate the public as well as the legislators)

3. Maspal does NOT enhance the "drama!" (There is plenty of drama that surrounds missing and exploited children, we do not need to escalate that. We only need to inform and guide.)

4. Maspal does NOT throw the horror of details in people's faces. People can get the gruesome details in the news media. (Mothers of missing and dead children will be accessing our site and our meetings. It is not in any way necessary to provide them with an emotional beating.)

5. People who represent Maspal do NOT arbitrarily "put themselves out there" with their own opinions being the opinion of Maspal. Please be certain to "own" your own opinions.

6. NOTE TO INDIVIDUALS: It is mandatory that the information you disseminate follow the ground rules established by Maspal. We will not provide legal services for any lawsuit you may generate on your own.

Volunteers are working to gather statistics, personal stories, news releases, and resources for victims and their families. If you have any information, please contact us.

Mothers Against Sexual Predators At Large has a strong belief in the individual and family's rights to privacy. We do not share any personal story with the public about you with any outside entities for any reason. If you choose to share your personal story with the public and us, you will be asked to specifically authorize that sharing. Keep in mind that the children in the stories have a right to privacy as well and should be consulted. No names will ever be used.